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I was lucky enough  to be invited to the Martha Stewart audience of Etsy Sellers.
The show airs today on Hallmark channel. I am holding a yellow seahorse pillow. I hope you will watch and try to spot me:)

must love home decor  http://mustlovehomedecor.etsy.com
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Pumpkin August Harvest Throw Pillow by mustlovehomedecor on Etsy

Ok so we are in the middle of another heat wave in CT. and my mind is on fall decorating. I love fall colors and like to use them in my designs.  This one is very special to me.  I have this one for sale in my online shop but I will definitely be making one for my own living room.  Before you know it we will be waking up to frost on the pumpkin.
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My baby leaves for college next week.  I know an 18 year old is not a baby but he is my youngest and the one that always tries to please.  My older son is more challenging.  He is dramatic and can be tough to parent.  They are both wonderful boys, polite and sweet and I love them both tremendously.  But, I do have to say I will miss my baby.  I will miss having him around to help me with anything I ask of him, I will miss his humor and I will miss the respect he shows for his parents.

I am excited for him to start a new phase of his life and I hope he uses the good judgement he has used up to this point.
  I know many moms know how I feel and can feel my pain.

Remember what they say - There is a special place in heaven for mothers of little (and big) boys.
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